No Thank You Mr. President

‘No Thank You” Mr. President
Well, it is coming up on a year since the Blowhard-in-Chief took his seat in the Oval Office. To celebrate his accomplishments during this time, a new commercial is being broadcast nationally showing a supposedly enthralled and grateful public, heaping praise and saying “Thank you Mr. President.“
So in response to one of the most sickening and nauseating examples of self -aggrandizement you will ever see, we go with an alternative year end message to the Clown that Roars.
It is titled “No-Thank-You, Mr. President
1. No-Thank-You Mr. President for lying, and lying everyday about Mexicans, Muslims, African Americans, Democrates, yourself, anybody, anything anywhere at anytime
2. No-Thank-You Mr. President regarding your bullying from fellow campaigners, beauty pageant contestants, journalists, and even your appointed cabinet secretaries.
3. No-Thank-You Mr. President for being disrespectful, to war heroes, reporters, and members of Congress.
4. No-Thank-You Mr. President for being a fabricator of conspiracies, from birtherism, wiretaps, president assassinations, China and climate change, and the death of a Supreme Court Justice.
5. No-Thank-You Mr. President for leaving the U.S. alone and outside the world effort to reduce environmental risks.
6. No-Thank-You Mr. President for ratcheting up world tensions with an unnecessary but dangerous war of words with N. Korea.
7. No-Thank-You Mr. President for giving legitimacy to ultra-nationalists, KKK neo-Nazis, and other hate groups that had been forced to wonder in the sewers until you came along.
8. No-Than-You Mr. President for trampling the on civil rights, equal rights of and the Unalienable Rights of all American citizens.
9. No-Thank-You Mr. President for abandoning the sick, the elderly, the poor, with your unrelenting efforts to reduce benefits as well as social programs.
10. No-Thank-You Mr. President for making it harder for all of the nation’s young to obtain quality, public, affordable education, while insuring privileged have expanded access to private schools.
11. No-Thank-You Mr. President for turning your back on the middle and working classes, by supporting tax cuts that will grant more to the rich and corporations while the rest of us continue the daily struggle to balance home, family, and work.
12. No-Thank-You Mr. President for not only dragging the Office of U.S. President through the slime, but taking most of the Republicans in Congress with you which only demonstrates that their principles that they long held as sacrosanct are not worth the paper they’re printed on.
13. No-Thank-You Mr. President for using your office as a platform to set the lowest of all standards in respect to human behavior, decency, and concern for your fellow man. ie: Your support for Judge Roy Moore.
14. No-Thank-You Mr. President for taking the term “fake-news” and using it to liable the most trusted names in the institution of the free press, while raising up sensationalized, whatever goes BS, as the real stuff.
15. Finally, No-Thank You Mr. President for demonstrating that Americans, could actually elect an uncaring, self-centered, power-crazed, degenerate that we never, ever, thought would happen here
With your 35% safely in tow, how will we express our gratitude in 2018?

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