No Credit Where None Is Deserved

The latest from this White House and the discredited person who sits in the big seat.
All through the campaign, Americans heard two phrases over and over again. “Lock her up” and “Build that wall, have Mexico pay for it”. The first chant would remind someone of a history lesson about the goings on in a fascist or third world dictatorship. The second was a misguided attempt to exploit the fears of a misinformed public who were convinced that the candidate had actual knowledge of the immigration issue and could force a foreign neighbor to do his bidding. This President, while he has never stopped campaigning, has failed to apply himself in any attempt to govern in a democracy. Out of desperation to hold his base he may yet fall back on the ‘lock her up nonsense’. This is because he is in constant need for an enemy. In regard to the wall, now that the reality of Mexico not paying has set in, the threats are now pointed at Congress and the American people. “His Majesty” is demanding funds for a wall or a Government Shutdown. Who does the think he is? In the 1630s England’s Charles II sent Parliament home and ruled autocratically. Result was English Civil War”
Congressional Republican, do you realize that you are the enemy now? It has been the Democrats, it has been the media, it has been the intelligence community. It is now you. What are you going to do?

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