Only in America

Heard the News? U. S. Congress is about to pass a major tax bill that will cost us in the middle and lower classes thousands by eliminating deductions across the board and increasing taxes on working Americans. All this so millions can be recouped for bottom feeders like Treasury Secretary Steve and his disgusting wife. Trump family will save about a billion. The rich get richer, while the rest of us get spat upon. This Blowhard-in-Chief told Americans “I will be your voice” What Americans was he speaking to? Certainly not to John & Jane Q. Public. Only in America, Land of Opportunity? You folks still soooo happy that you voted like you did? Answer that question in six months when you have moths in your wallet and your fridge is empty. Good news though; we can bring back ivory from Africa after the privileged shoot up endangered animals. Wow, what a movie this is turning out to be.