This American President?

Throughout our history, we Americans have looked to our president, not only as the Protector/Defender of our Constitution and Commander in Chief, but something else as well. Perhaps more importantly, we look to our President as the champion of great intangibles. Meaning that, we expect (right or wrong) from him, to be that one individual above anyone else who embraces, upholds, and promotes those ideals documented in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution. He is custodian and disseminator of the ideals that make our country and us the place America is and who Americans are. Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, the Roosevelts as well as Kennedy, Reagan others as well, make us proud of who we are and the country we live in. Quite simply, they cared! and that caring showed in their character as well as actions. They could lift us up even if we disagreed politically.
Not only do we want our President to be strong, steadfast, reassuring, faithful, and trustworthy, we need him to be as Captain of the “Ship of State.”
Some of our presidents fell woefully short of expectations while putting the office and country in peril. Sadly, our current President belongs atop that list. He is unsteady, unbalanced, untrustworthy, and undisciplined. He is also, untruthful and unfaithful to the Constitution he swore to defend and to the office he holds. He revels in conflict, conspiracy, and confusion. He is self-serving and dangerous and he does not care about you or me, but only about himself and his agenda.
Every day that passes, with every electronic message he blurts out, with every false claim, or accusation, he puts this country and our Constitution in grave danger.
His history speaks out, but now that he is President it has taken on a much more elevated seriousness as his recent remarks point out.
a. He would have won the popular vote except that 3-5 million people voted illegally
No proof
b. He would have won NH if thousands of MA voters were not bussed in.
No Proof
c. His was the biggest crowed to ever watch an Inauguration.
No proof, but plenty of facts to prove otherwise
d. The Media is covering up tremendous increases in terrorist attacks worldwide.
No Proof
e. Murder rate in Philadelphia keeps going up and up.
No proof, but plenty of facts to prove otherwise.
f. If that’s not bad enough: The Previous American President secretively, and
illegally tapped his phone lines.
Where is the proof? This time, Americans demand proof!
This president is like the “boy who cried wolf.” How does he go overseas and engage in serious discussion with other world leaders? How could any of us expect them to listen without horrified faces? Germany, France are you watching as you head to elections? Europe, you know only too well the road to authoritarianism is paved using lies, censorship, fear and discrimination. God forbid, but what is going to happen if and when a real crisis occurs? Who will we depend upon for the truth? There will be no moral assurance or guidance coming from the White House. He will have used up all of his chips. Besides, he will only blame someone else like he did the generals over the Yemen raid. Republicans, time to grow up and step up. Nov. has come and gone. Don’t be guilty as co-collaborators on judgment day.