This blowhard Trump is like the guy who tosses a grenade into a crowd and after the explosion blames the people within it for chaos and destruction. A President, any President, works to bring sides together not pull them apart. This clown is NO President. You cannot insult, demonize, and bully your way to policy. Sorry Lindsey Graham, this guy Trump is not street fighter. He is a sucker punching, cheap shot artist, who could never be and still cannot be trusted.

No Thank You Mr. President

‘No Thank You” Mr. President
Well, it is coming up on a year since the Blowhard-in-Chief took his seat in the Oval Office. To celebrate his accomplishments during this time, a new commercial is being broadcast nationally showing a supposedly enthralled and grateful public, heaping praise and saying “Thank you Mr. President.“
So in response to one of the most sickening and nauseating examples of self -aggrandizement you will ever see, we go with an alternative year end message to the Clown that Roars.
It is titled “No-Thank-You, Mr. President
1. No-Thank-You Mr. President for lying, and lying everyday about Mexicans, Muslims, African Americans, Democrates, yourself, anybody, anything anywhere at anytime
2. No-Thank-You Mr. President regarding your bullying from fellow campaigners, beauty pageant contestants, journalists, and even your appointed cabinet secretaries.
3. No-Thank-You Mr. President for being disrespectful, to war heroes, reporters, and members of Congress.
4. No-Thank-You Mr. President for being a fabricator of conspiracies, from birtherism, wiretaps, president assassinations, China and climate change, and the death of a Supreme Court Justice.
5. No-Thank-You Mr. President for leaving the U.S. alone and outside the world effort to reduce environmental risks.
6. No-Thank-You Mr. President for ratcheting up world tensions with an unnecessary but dangerous war of words with N. Korea.
7. No-Thank-You Mr. President for giving legitimacy to ultra-nationalists, KKK neo-Nazis, and other hate groups that had been forced to wonder in the sewers until you came along.
8. No-Than-You Mr. President for trampling the on civil rights, equal rights of and the Unalienable Rights of all American citizens.
9. No-Thank-You Mr. President for abandoning the sick, the elderly, the poor, with your unrelenting efforts to reduce benefits as well as social programs.
10. No-Thank-You Mr. President for making it harder for all of the nation’s young to obtain quality, public, affordable education, while insuring privileged have expanded access to private schools.
11. No-Thank-You Mr. President for turning your back on the middle and working classes, by supporting tax cuts that will grant more to the rich and corporations while the rest of us continue the daily struggle to balance home, family, and work.
12. No-Thank-You Mr. President for not only dragging the Office of U.S. President through the slime, but taking most of the Republicans in Congress with you which only demonstrates that their principles that they long held as sacrosanct are not worth the paper they’re printed on.
13. No-Thank-You Mr. President for using your office as a platform to set the lowest of all standards in respect to human behavior, decency, and concern for your fellow man. ie: Your support for Judge Roy Moore.
14. No-Thank-You Mr. President for taking the term “fake-news” and using it to liable the most trusted names in the institution of the free press, while raising up sensationalized, whatever goes BS, as the real stuff.
15. Finally, No-Thank You Mr. President for demonstrating that Americans, could actually elect an uncaring, self-centered, power-crazed, degenerate that we never, ever, thought would happen here
With your 35% safely in tow, how will we express our gratitude in 2018?

Only in America

Heard the News? U. S. Congress is about to pass a major tax bill that will cost us in the middle and lower classes thousands by eliminating deductions across the board and increasing taxes on working Americans. All this so millions can be recouped for bottom feeders like Treasury Secretary Steve and his disgusting wife. Trump family will save about a billion. The rich get richer, while the rest of us get spat upon. This Blowhard-in-Chief told Americans “I will be your voice” What Americans was he speaking to? Certainly not to John & Jane Q. Public. Only in America, Land of Opportunity? You folks still soooo happy that you voted like you did? Answer that question in six months when you have moths in your wallet and your fridge is empty. Good news though; we can bring back ivory from Africa after the privileged shoot up endangered animals. Wow, what a movie this is turning out to be.

What Are We Waiting For

Days turn to weeks and weeks turn to months. As this country continues it’s steady decline into division, despair, and confusion, one thing remains clear: The man in the Oval Office is not only incapable of being any force for healing, but he is in fact, a major reason for our careening into an abyss. It is because he is mentally, ethically, and culturally unfit to lead. Republicans in Congress need to step up now and start the process to remove this dangerous, and unstable individual now before it is too late.

No Credit Where None Is Deserved

The latest from this White House and the discredited person who sits in the big seat.
All through the campaign, Americans heard two phrases over and over again. “Lock her up” and “Build that wall, have Mexico pay for it”. The first chant would remind someone of a history lesson about the goings on in a fascist or third world dictatorship. The second was a misguided attempt to exploit the fears of a misinformed public who were convinced that the candidate had actual knowledge of the immigration issue and could force a foreign neighbor to do his bidding. This President, while he has never stopped campaigning, has failed to apply himself in any attempt to govern in a democracy. Out of desperation to hold his base he may yet fall back on the ‘lock her up nonsense’. This is because he is in constant need for an enemy. In regard to the wall, now that the reality of Mexico not paying has set in, the threats are now pointed at Congress and the American people. “His Majesty” is demanding funds for a wall or a Government Shutdown. Who does the think he is? In the 1630s England’s Charles II sent Parliament home and ruled autocratically. Result was English Civil War”
Congressional Republican, do you realize that you are the enemy now? It has been the Democrats, it has been the media, it has been the intelligence community. It is now you. What are you going to do?

Take Your Pick

Which would you prefer in the White House; crazy person or one who is just a bad guy? It’s probably a good time to make that determination to better understand the mental state of the person who occupies the Oval Office. Is this guy balanced? He demonstrates deep insecurities while he rambles in his public statements, has delusions about his abilities and accomplishments, makes wild and unsubstantiated accusations. He then does a complete 180-degree turn in his next outing. On the other hand, there are those who have often considered him to be an individual with no moral compass; a person who would say anything and do anything to achieve an agenda. He has demonstrated throughout his career an affinity to lie, cheat, bully, and betray and his present life seems to be no different. So take your pick. Do his actions warrant an in-depth psychic analysis, or a good spanking?

Twisted History from a Twisted Mind

Just when you thought you had heard about enough garbage from this President(?), he gets you again with something even more outlandish then he did the week or even the day before. His latest, is his attempt to justify and defend his already indefensible comments in relation to the tragic events in Charlottesville VA. His feeble and outlandish comments comparing George Washington with Robert E. Lee only further supports the argument that he is morally, ethically, and intellectually unfit to be President.
Americans do not erect monuments to our great leaders to memorialize their shortcomings, character flaws, or misguided actions. We raise monuments to honor and recognize the contributions and great sacrifices they made to create, protect, and preserve this great nation. As human beings, they had their faults. Yes, Washington and Jefferson were slaveholders in an era of slaveholding. It was wrong and indefensible. But they gave us our country, our independence, our Constitution. They, arguably, more than any other of the great collection of individuals we know as the Founding Fathers, started us on the journey to the place that we hold in the world today. And yes, they had their issues. We acknowledge them, as we should, but it is not why they are honored such. We memorialize Lincoln for many of the same reason, recognizing that he to had faults. He used his office to jail opponents, and shut down publications that criticized the Union war effort without due process. Many question his real feelings in regard to slavery; after all he notably stated that if he could preserve the union without freeing the slave he would. We memorialize Lincoln for his leadership in preserving the country in time that we needed the most. We do not honor F.D.R. because he supported and approved of the internment camps that incarcerated Japanese Americans, during WWII. We Remember and memorialize him for his guidance, leadership, and confidence building during that war and the economic crisis that preceded it.
Robert E. Lee? What great contribution did he make to the American story? What is his legacy? He, for his part fought to end the great Union that the above-mentioned individuals fought so hard to create and defend. In fact, he had the choice to protect the country or to fight to end it. He chose the later, along with Jefferson Davis and all of the other major and minor players of the Southern Confederacy. Should they be remembered, yes? Should they be memorialized? That is another question. For those who wish to give them praise and honor, place their likenesses in a Park of the Confederacy, or a museum where people who want to revel in the glory days of the Old South can choose to do so, but not in a public palace where their images all too likely, will only tend to raise resentment in a time when we are all becoming more sensitive of our origins.
For the U.S. President to equate the character, actions and contributions of men like Washington and Jefferson to Gen. Lee and Mr. Davis is sickening, outlandish and wrong. It is the twisted history of a twisted mind in an attempt to trash the truth for personal gain. It is something we have seen this man do time and again and unless WE ALL, (are you paying attention Congress) stand up and say NO MORE, he will continue to get away with.

Where are we heading?

Where are we heading?

Kris Kobach, the Kansas secretary of state and vice chairman of Trump’s voter fraud panel, said earlier this month the country “may never know” if Clinton actually won the popular vote.

How many realize how dangerous this statement is?

Fifty States certified the results from the 2016 Presidential Election. Statistics show over and over again that voter fraud in this country is between .0004 -.0009 % which also means that you are more likely to be struck by lightening then to commit voter fraud.

This irresponsible statement from another Trumpeter, only further adds fuel to the false premise of widespread voter fraud. If these wild and unsubstantiated comments persist and gain traction, how long will it take before this basic democratic practice is undermined to the point of being challenged or even rendered insignificant?

The truth about a man who does not know what the word means.

The truth about a man who does not know what the word means.

He is the man who made it to the top. Having achieved what every greedy, fame seeking, fortune hunter could ever hope to accomplish because he was still feeling unfulfilled. There was one more mountaintop left to reach.
He had lied, cheated, manipulated, groped, and insulted his way to fame and fortune. But it was not enough. He needed to be validated. He needed it to be done to end his relentless pursuit to finally conquer his greatest enemy. The man who stood in his way to legitimacy; Barack Obama. He tried to bring him down with one conspiracy concerning his birth. He also accused him of attending Harvard on false credentials. Both accusations were publicly proven to be false, while Trump became the butt of jokes in the media and by the then President himself.
For Trump, this must have been intolerable, and his greatest embarrassment. He needed vindication. Running for President was his only chance at redemption.
He launched his bid for the presidency, while calling Obama a “pathetic” leader.
We all watched his campaign unfold. One lie after another did not seem to make a difference as the media circus around him grew throughout the primary and the final campaign. The press could not get enough of Trump. The rest, as we say, is history. The whole affair has been analyzed and dissected.
Now the country has a new reality, with the phenomenon that is Trump:
Liar-In-Chief, Antagonizer-In-Chief, Insulter-In-Chief, Braggart-In-Chief, Denier-In-Chief, Blamer-In-Chief, Gropper-In-Chief. Along with this, an administration and a Republican controlled Congress that kowtows to his every gesture.
And we have now the Phony-Deal-Maker-In-Chief with another great victory in the health care battle. It has the potential of leaving millions desperately seeking health coverage.
Trump’s goal is not to fight for the people, it is not to make the country great again, it is not to make the world a better place to live. Trump has one obsession, and one obsession only. That is to tear down, destroy, and delegitimize everything that his mortal enemy had stood for before him, for his own edification. Whatever the cost to America and its people is inconsequential.
In many ways he is succeeding, and it is becoming very frightening. He will not gain many converts, but his loyal supporters are digging in and are more determined then ever to fight the fight that they feel is inevitable. After his latest WWE video tweet, he’s right; he could indeed shoot somebody and not lose any votes.
A new thug mentality is finding its way into our everyday culture. Lying, prejudice, misogyny, homophobia, religious intolerance and just out and out bad behavior, we are slowly becoming desensitized from. Recall the words of Barry McGuire- Eve of Destruction “Hate your next door neighbor but don’t forget to say grace.”
The only defense our country has is the offense of good, honest, freedom loving people and a free uninhibited press fighting for the truth.
Stay strong Americans; don’t let the bastards grind you down.

All we want is the truth

All We Want is the Truth

Mick Mulvaney “We are no longer going to measure compassion by the number of programs or the number of people on those programs. We are going to measure compassion and success by the number of people we help get off of those programs to get back in charge of their own lives.”

John Lennon “I’m sick and tired of hearing things from
Uptight, short sided, narrow minded hypocrites
All I want is the truth, just give me some truth
I’ve had enough of reading things
By neurotic, psychotic, pigheaded politicians
All I want is the truth, just give me some truth”

Mick Mulvaney in truth. We are no longer measure compassion by being compassionate and by preserving as well as fixing programs that help the most needy Americans. We are going to measure compassion by giving tax breaks to the most to the most wealthy, giving tax incentives to the biggest of companies so they can make greater profits. Because after all making money at the expense of others is theis the American way and it must be preserved. Those who are needy, sick, poor and disabled; they need to get off their asses and fix themselves because its their fault. Government has no responsibility to those who have been left out of the American Dream. Heal yourselves

Not only is this man a shameful example of the 18th century elitist way of thinking, he is a pigheaded example of one at that. It is easy to see how this man is part of this new, very dangerous, and unfit administration.